Tuesday, January 7, 2014


A subhuman man I am, misshapen in appearance
and a faded fool.
Scars so deep that I contemplate an existence
as brief as a passing storm.
What mirth to think any woman that's elegant would
wish to be with a man like me.
Red washing my body, a cut so deep.
Oblivion slow and an embrace so lovely
Awakening in a haze of gray.
Now dying upon a marble stone floor.
Falling in a sense of bleakness, never ending
pain and misery.
How I wish to embrace the woman of
ancient times past.
My rotted appearance a reminder
of what I can never have.
Unable to relieve myself from this bleak
outlook of my macabre appearance.
A sneer and a jeer, mixed with a fine sands
of open mockery
Looking above upon the open rain ridden sky
to hide the tears falling down my cheeks.

-Jeff B-

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