Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 Ah, beautiful torment. It can be a real painful ordeal to go through no matter how you try twist it otherwise.

Every needle that pierces my flesh, a reminder of what I lost long ago.
Stitched on a tapestry, etched in a million tiny fragments.
Not sure where I'm going, not really caring.
Scolding hot flames marring my body.
Screams filling my lungs as I spiral in death.
Blood dripping out of me and now upon the floor.
A caress upon my molten cheek, cold as winter snow.
Why do these tears still fall in this inner void of mine?
This path I tread filled with so much pain.
Unable, incapable of letting go of loves distant touch.
Fragmented, never whole for what is whole,
but some other dream?
Screams of revelation, brought by love,
paid back in betrayal.
Sinking in a pit of pitch and empty love.
Recalling times past as I lay upon this wheel.
Cradling my face as sobs of pain echo this chamber.
Staring upon the corpse of a friend long ago.
This wheel turns as wheels do,
revealing to me painful memories best left forgotten.
Desires smile and loves cruel frown.
Compliments laid upon my feet, empty in deed and in words.
Where they really belong, is for another.
There lips met in soft passion whilst I am left behind.
Lost in darkness and despair.

-Jeff B-

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