Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Woman In Black

I can see in that confusion within her mind,
a distraction from the darkness within.
That pain within her, she'll never let it go nor forgive those
who care for her.
Losing herself to that smoky haze, fogging her mind
in a darkened well.
Wanting to rescue her from the darkness of her own devising.
A father who she feels never loved her,
abused her through cold neglect.
Lost within his own demons that he cannot escape.
A tragedy struck not long ago.
Someone close lost in shadow, fallen from grace.
Tears of sorrow, sobs of grief that never ends on this day, or any other.
How easy is it to lose yourself in a fog of the green,
devouring that pitch black smoke.
Reality shifting as a haze of pleasure fills her,
nothing but delusions.
Hate mixed with love, always running,
from what you never know.
The man she cares about, destructive in deeds
and in methods.
This darkness she's been forever lost in, beating against her mind,
drawing her away from hope.
Drawn to her as a knight with a cup in his hand, wanting to give
sustenance and a loving embrace.
Rejected and fallen from my white horse.
Her eyes wounded and filled with pain, denial plain for all to see.
Behind the haze lies so much pain that she can hardly bare.
Dazed and confused I arise and get back upon my horse.
My cup now half full when she may need it.
Off I ride to a dawn of another time.

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