Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Crystal Ceiling

I look above at the crystal ceiling,
every glitter and sparkle singing to my heart.
Falling in its depths of mystery.
Shaped by a time long ago, fashioned from flame
and cool water, formed by hate and dark desire.
Knuckles clenched and eyes aglow.
An ocean I see, far and wide.
The moon above stirring confusion.
What do I see in my reflection? Nothing but a pale
image of a horrid decayed man.
A thousand cracks formulating, revealing a
face of beauty and bliss.
Screams lost in the void beyond all knowing.
A rainbow of purple and black, drinking
in the agony ridden air.
Deeper I gaze into this ageless crystalline
image of flawlessness and fancy.
Every crack, resurfaced in life and death.
Falling deeper in these cracks of mortality and morality,
trying to find its wisdom.
Breath misting like a dragons breath.
Asleep in a black filled eternal struggle.

-Jeff B-

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