Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Banshees Laugh

Retreating into a mortal coil of pain and misery. Often I contemplated an existence as brief as a passing storm, from the sky ruby red rather than the passing drops of rain. Yet I still breath, despite it all my heart goes through its pumping routine.

Cold cruel laughter at this midnight hour.
A love spurned by a woman fair.
The light above now a darkened rage.
I fall in lady midnights cold embrace.
Down I look so high above at
a million lights below.
Her laugh a symphony of cold derision,
matching her so cruel eyes.
A mirror of mockery on a November night.
How I drown in that blood red lake.
A sneer, a fallen grace.
Smiling to hide my pain as that hard cold laughter
continuously washes forth.
My heart twists and aches at her mirth.
A razor in my hand and a pale wrist exposed
for all to see.
Sobs of pain as the red flows out.
I fade in tears of bitter sweet oblivion.
Drowned in pain and misery.

-Jeff B-

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