Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Triangle

Bound in a prison of her devising.
Used as a means to get her man riled.
Discarded as a piece of trash now
that I am no longer needed.
Flattery and empty words as well as deeds as she
leaves me with nothing but empty promises.
How she coldly discarded my emotions for that other guy she
claims to love, nothing but a mirror of her desire.
Setting myself up to be used at her whim that
is as cold as the ice maidens caress.
Visiting this game on me because of those who
visited pain on her once upon a time.
Some of the games my own fault, always vulnerable
for acceptance and hungering compassion.
Sick passion in the corner of my heart that lingers
like a widows subtle poison.
A knife freshly sharpened in an edge with mortal intent.
Looking down upon a blue vein running long and
true with a life gracious as a rising sun.
Her embrace never for me but always for him.
Pain like a kiss from the poppy as I try to cut these strands away.
Liquid ruby tears dripping upon the ground.
Silence reigning upon a throne of night,
coiling in an endless loop.
Floating high above, never to be seen again.

-Jeff B-

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