Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Woman In Black

I can see in that confusion within her mind,
a distraction from the darkness within.
That pain within her, she'll never let it go nor forgive those
who care for her.
Losing herself to that smoky haze, fogging her mind
in a darkened well.
Wanting to rescue her from the darkness of her own devising.
A father who she feels never loved her,
abused her through cold neglect.
Lost within his own demons that he cannot escape.
A tragedy struck not long ago.
Someone close lost in shadow, fallen from grace.
Tears of sorrow, sobs of grief that never ends on this day, or any other.
How easy is it to lose yourself in a fog of the green,
devouring that pitch black smoke.
Reality shifting as a haze of pleasure fills her,
nothing but delusions.
Hate mixed with love, always running,
from what you never know.
The man she cares about, destructive in deeds
and in methods.
This darkness she's been forever lost in, beating against her mind,
drawing her away from hope.
Drawn to her as a knight with a cup in his hand, wanting to give
sustenance and a loving embrace.
Rejected and fallen from my white horse.
Her eyes wounded and filled with pain, denial plain for all to see.
Behind the haze lies so much pain that she can hardly bare.
Dazed and confused I arise and get back upon my horse.
My cup now half full when she may need it.
Off I ride to a dawn of another time.

Knight Of Swords

A man rides a mare of blackish hue.
Snow above a sight to behold on a day like yesterday.
Shattered hopes, a million pieces of bleak despair and that bitter
wine, drowning his sorrow in this pit of loneliness.
A cloak of stars wrapped neatly around his frame of mystery.
A sword, one edge for truth, the other for lies.
What does he see? But the ugly truth.
Beauty nothing but illusion, revealed by hard cruel laughter
from a nameless source.
A reflection of a face upon tarnished steel.
Red roses blossom around her still frame.
The knight rides on to a cloud far and away.


A necromancer dances to the vibes of
grave and rot.
Standing in shadow.
Beholding the night on a crystal blue day.
Upon his finger a ring of ivory most pale,
a grinning skull to the great beyond.
Mock him not for death is but a game.
A chant, a cry filled with foulness.
She stands in his grip.
Power flows and the sings upon his will.
Fear him, for death is but a game.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moonlit Sky

I lay in the silvery moon light, basking in its glow that
is ever lasting in the darkest of nights.
A raven flies above my too still form.
A cry piercing my soul, opening the silence
of my being
The moon, glorious in its need and every breath
filling my spirit.
Evil and good entwined on a pillar of
black ice and molten lava.
What am I?
But glorious flesh!

Sacred Scars

These scars of mine, trailing down my
arms and into my soul.
The twilight of my past, reflecting a bitter
sweet symphony.
A single tear of blood trails down a ravaged
cheek of despair.
The sun above beating against my flesh like
broken shards of glass.
A dagger in my heart, dark red blood
dripping down my pale lips.
So what are these ravaged souls on a single
blade of tarnished glass?
A whisper in the wind, a cry of a lonely hawk
on a still blue day.
Alas the trivialities of morality as all morals
are mortal.
Sweet nectar of bitter tea as this throne
of swords bite into my pale flesh.

Woman With Midnight Hair

I close my eyes in passion as I glimpse the
woman with midnight hair.
Dark brown eyes of age old wisdom.
I fear her love followed by
cold rejection.
Swimming, drowning in a pool of tears
that is of her derision.
A sob of passion spurned.
Blind I am to the art of the one
night stand.
Always falling under the spell of
a long term love.
Awaking from my dreams in a cold sweat.
Sobbing upon a pillow etched out
of black despair.
How I wish we could fly above
in the open sky.

-Jeff B-

Heart Of Rot

Looking out my rear window that is of my soul,
fighting back my desire to kill.
A black hearted soul in a field of the damned.
Tears falling from that gray pit of misery,
a world of my devising.
My blade tipped with poison as sweet as the poppy
and as deadly as nightshade.
A crow upon my left shoulder, death and life
within it's shiny depths.
This empty feeling, invading my veins like a virus.
Blood flowing like a fountain on a noonday.
The life in his eyes draining.
His blood flowing upon that tiled floor
of ivory and ebony.
A pool of liquid ruby, tainted with the smell of desire.
His life filling that dark pit within my soul,
replacing that bleak despair.
Walking in this dark road with a smile of triumph.
Within lies a demon of glory and power,
a dragon within a hall of gold.
Smiling in twisted pleasure, a murder of crows
the mystery of the human heart.
Pleasure but a reflection of Pain while Good
but pale moon to the Sun of Evil.
Look within his dead eyes and you'll see his
chest rise and fall one last time.
Fall within and without and feed that heart
of worms and rot.
Moving, drifting in the dark abyss with
a smile upon my blackened lips.


Sipping my dark, bitter coffee whilst closing my eyes
to see the reflection of myself.
A man of shadow and ice in the mists of time
and space from a long forgotten place.
This dark milky chocolate brew, cutting me,
slicing me to the quick of my being.
A deep reflection of who I am.
Rich in mind and in spirit.
Death but the absence of life
while life the craving of death.
Mirror after mirror surrounding me
in a prison of eternal of damnation.
Reconciliation, but a badly worded jape.
Inward I move, falling in a realm beyond
the inner reflection.


A subhuman man I am, misshapen in appearance
and a faded fool.
Scars so deep that I contemplate an existence
as brief as a passing storm.
What mirth to think any woman that's elegant would
wish to be with a man like me.
Red washing my body, a cut so deep.
Oblivion slow and an embrace so lovely
Awakening in a haze of gray.
Now dying upon a marble stone floor.
Falling in a sense of bleakness, never ending
pain and misery.
How I wish to embrace the woman of
ancient times past.
My rotted appearance a reminder
of what I can never have.
Unable to relieve myself from this bleak
outlook of my macabre appearance.
A sneer and a jeer, mixed with a fine sands
of open mockery
Looking above upon the open rain ridden sky
to hide the tears falling down my cheeks.

-Jeff B-

The Crystal Ceiling

I look above at the crystal ceiling,
every glitter and sparkle singing to my heart.
Falling in its depths of mystery.
Shaped by a time long ago, fashioned from flame
and cool water, formed by hate and dark desire.
Knuckles clenched and eyes aglow.
An ocean I see, far and wide.
The moon above stirring confusion.
What do I see in my reflection? Nothing but a pale
image of a horrid decayed man.
A thousand cracks formulating, revealing a
face of beauty and bliss.
Screams lost in the void beyond all knowing.
A rainbow of purple and black, drinking
in the agony ridden air.
Deeper I gaze into this ageless crystalline
image of flawlessness and fancy.
Every crack, resurfaced in life and death.
Falling deeper in these cracks of mortality and morality,
trying to find its wisdom.
Breath misting like a dragons breath.
Asleep in a black filled eternal struggle.

-Jeff B-

Love Triangle

Bound in a prison of her devising.
Used as a means to get her man riled.
Discarded as a piece of trash now
that I am no longer needed.
Flattery and empty words as well as deeds as she
leaves me with nothing but empty promises.
How she coldly discarded my emotions for that other guy she
claims to love, nothing but a mirror of her desire.
Setting myself up to be used at her whim that
is as cold as the ice maidens caress.
Visiting this game on me because of those who
visited pain on her once upon a time.
Some of the games my own fault, always vulnerable
for acceptance and hungering compassion.
Sick passion in the corner of my heart that lingers
like a widows subtle poison.
A knife freshly sharpened in an edge with mortal intent.
Looking down upon a blue vein running long and
true with a life gracious as a rising sun.
Her embrace never for me but always for him.
Pain like a kiss from the poppy as I try to cut these strands away.
Liquid ruby tears dripping upon the ground.
Silence reigning upon a throne of night,
coiling in an endless loop.
Floating high above, never to be seen again.

-Jeff B-


 Ah, beautiful torment. It can be a real painful ordeal to go through no matter how you try twist it otherwise.

Every needle that pierces my flesh, a reminder of what I lost long ago.
Stitched on a tapestry, etched in a million tiny fragments.
Not sure where I'm going, not really caring.
Scolding hot flames marring my body.
Screams filling my lungs as I spiral in death.
Blood dripping out of me and now upon the floor.
A caress upon my molten cheek, cold as winter snow.
Why do these tears still fall in this inner void of mine?
This path I tread filled with so much pain.
Unable, incapable of letting go of loves distant touch.
Fragmented, never whole for what is whole,
but some other dream?
Screams of revelation, brought by love,
paid back in betrayal.
Sinking in a pit of pitch and empty love.
Recalling times past as I lay upon this wheel.
Cradling my face as sobs of pain echo this chamber.
Staring upon the corpse of a friend long ago.
This wheel turns as wheels do,
revealing to me painful memories best left forgotten.
Desires smile and loves cruel frown.
Compliments laid upon my feet, empty in deed and in words.
Where they really belong, is for another.
There lips met in soft passion whilst I am left behind.
Lost in darkness and despair.

-Jeff B-

A Banshees Laugh

Retreating into a mortal coil of pain and misery. Often I contemplated an existence as brief as a passing storm, from the sky ruby red rather than the passing drops of rain. Yet I still breath, despite it all my heart goes through its pumping routine.

Cold cruel laughter at this midnight hour.
A love spurned by a woman fair.
The light above now a darkened rage.
I fall in lady midnights cold embrace.
Down I look so high above at
a million lights below.
Her laugh a symphony of cold derision,
matching her so cruel eyes.
A mirror of mockery on a November night.
How I drown in that blood red lake.
A sneer, a fallen grace.
Smiling to hide my pain as that hard cold laughter
continuously washes forth.
My heart twists and aches at her mirth.
A razor in my hand and a pale wrist exposed
for all to see.
Sobs of pain as the red flows out.
I fade in tears of bitter sweet oblivion.
Drowned in pain and misery.

-Jeff B-