Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heart Of Rot

Looking out my rear window that is of my soul,
fighting back my desire to kill.
A black hearted soul in a field of the damned.
Tears falling from that gray pit of misery,
a world of my devising.
My blade tipped with poison as sweet as the poppy
and as deadly as nightshade.
A crow upon my left shoulder, death and life
within it's shiny depths.
This empty feeling, invading my veins like a virus.
Blood flowing like a fountain on a noonday.
The life in his eyes draining.
His blood flowing upon that tiled floor
of ivory and ebony.
A pool of liquid ruby, tainted with the smell of desire.
His life filling that dark pit within my soul,
replacing that bleak despair.
Walking in this dark road with a smile of triumph.
Within lies a demon of glory and power,
a dragon within a hall of gold.
Smiling in twisted pleasure, a murder of crows
the mystery of the human heart.
Pleasure but a reflection of Pain while Good
but pale moon to the Sun of Evil.
Look within his dead eyes and you'll see his
chest rise and fall one last time.
Fall within and without and feed that heart
of worms and rot.
Moving, drifting in the dark abyss with
a smile upon my blackened lips.

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